Monday, February 16, 2015

Imporant technical help links for SharePoint 2013 Development

1. Expand & Collapse Content Query Webpart (using bamboo chart API)

2. Adding alias name to Sharepoint site

3. Backing up and restoring Sharepoint site

example of backup
example of restore

4. Integrating power view report

5. Content slider using jQuery.

6. Paging webpart

(slick slider :

8. Setting up subsite level user access.

9. How to prevent user from deleting the site.

10. Have full control but not able to edit pages.

11. Web part Maintainance issue

12. To schedule auto backup of sharepoint site

13. Creating IIS empty site

14. Installing workflow manage for sharepoint 2013 workflow type

15. Opening sharepoint 2013 forms with sharepoint 2010 designer.

16. Enabling Search functionality in sharepoint 2013

17. Sample intranet site example.

18. How to enable ListView tools in SP Designer 2013 (used to add parametrs and filetr condition to view)
19. How to pass parameters to list views

20. Third party free web parts

21. Creating Powerview report in Sharepoint 2013 server.

22. To fix issue of creating connection for BI Semantic Model

23. To configure powerview in Sharepoint 2013

24. Installing and Configuring SSRS in Sharepoint mode

25. Installation SSAS Tabular Model(Bi connection error)

26. Steps to check powerview configuration with Analysis services.

27. Moving subsite from one server to another

28. Email configuration in SharePoint

Populate people picker field with logged in user in SharePoint using JS

Please use below code to populate people picker in SharePoint online, <script src="