Wednesday, June 28, 2017

How Internet Bots Works?

What is bot?
An internet robot or simply a bot is a software application that runs automated scripts on the web.

How it works?
Typically bots perform tasks that are simple and structurally repetitive at a much higher rate than what is possible for human being. So one single bot can handle queries(in whatever format like voice, chat OR Email) of hundreds of customers at the same time.

Companies don't want their bots to sound too mechanical or business-like so we need to do a lot of cultural adaption in bots.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intellingence (AI) form the underlying base of bots. For businesses to start their bots programme, they should collect a lot of customer related data. This fragmented data is used to populate the knowledge bank servers.

Bots which understand behavior pattern will be able to pick "odd" transaction requests like humans do.

Most of the Social Media platforms are using bots for most common activities.

Below is the pictorial explanation about it.

Populate people picker field with logged in user in SharePoint using JS

Please use below code to populate people picker in SharePoint online, <script src="